**Brand New Track Added**
A brand new track has just been added to the site called Red Hot Salsa - full of latin flavours - ideal for this beautiful summer we are having. Please go to the downloads page to hear a sample
Countdown to website launched
Only 3 days to go till the official launch of our new website. The first batch of tracks are already available for download. If you have any views or ideas about our service we would be delighted to hear from you, please use our contacts page.
New Website Launch
We are very excited with the anticipation for the launch of the new website on 15-07-2013! Many thanks to Nathan Buswell for all his hard work in designing the site - poor lad - so may sleepless nights (and swearing!)
New music for the modern BTDA examinations
Music4Dance is the brain child of David and Lynn Buswell who run the successful Music Design Production Company based in Leicestershire. Having supplied music to the dance industry for over thirty years, Music4Dance was commissioned by the BTDA to produce the music for the modern dance examinations. The success of this has been overwhelming. On the back of this, Music4Dance have launched a new website where licence free original music can be downloaded so once purchased, you can use the tracks as often as you like for live performance or rehearsal without having to pay an extortionate licence fee. Together with the other services, this is a one-stop website for all dance organizations musical needs.